Bookmaking and printing with recycled and natural materials. Making paper and dyes. Nursery Girasoles, Berlin

12 day workshop, 2014

At the nursery Girasoles, as part of the project ‘Färbergärten! Kulturelle Bildung und Nachhaltigkeit’, It was commissioned by the KinderKünsteZentrum in Berlin in collaboration with INA.KINDER.GARTEN gGmbH und atavus e. V./sevengardens.

What do you need to make a book? Paper, of course, but also a story and images. All of this is produced by the children – from scratch. First the story – a child befriends a wolf, then a bear and a fish – Los Amigos/The Friends will be the title. The next step is paper making, followed by the making of our own colours from plants and other natural materials. Finally the drawing and printing stages, using different printing techniques.

The results were exhibited in KinderKünsteZentrum